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Occupy every space on the board. Remove all points of all other players.

(it might take a very long time for someone to achieve such a complete victory. I don't know. This is the first playtest. The winning condition may be revised to be whoever holds the most territory after round X. If that change is made, I'll give plenty of notice and it will only happen if there's a consensus of the players to do it.)

You control the allocation of your points. You can schedule the movements of your points at any time during the day. All the action takes place at the schlaupdate. Your scheduled moves are secret until the schlaupdate.

Points live on Spots. Every point can either Move or Stay. They can move one space at a time, to any adjacent Spot.

By default, all points Stay. They only Move if you assign it.

Points that Stay can potentially multiply over the update. Points that Move do not Multiply.

Multiplication is determined by the Multiplier, which is determined each update for each Spot, based on the surrounding Spots. The Multiplier equals the number of adjacent spots you control plus 1. So an isolated Spot has a Multiplier of 1. A Spot fully surrounded by spots you also control has the maximum Multiplier of 7.

A spot is controlled by you if you have at least one point residing in the spot. Spots containing no points are controlled by no one.

Points in the same Spot as another player's Points will fight. Points of different colors destroy each other one-for-one. I.e., if 7 red and 10 blue points occupy the same Spot, then after the schlaupdate the Spot will be held by Blue with 3 remaining points. You gain/hold control of a Spot by having more Points there than any other player. Ties result in all points destroyed and no one holding the Spot.

If more than 2 players have points in a spot, then points from all teams simultaneously destroy each other in the same manner. E.g., if red has 6 points in a Spot, and all 5 other players also each have 5 points in the Spot, then only 1 red point will remain.

The Update:
First, all points assigned to move do so.
Then, points of different players within the same spot destroy each other.
And finally, remaining points multiply, according to Multipliers based on Spot ownership after the moving/destruction has been completed.

(If a Spot has some Stayers, and then is reinforced with more points from an adjacent Spot, and invaded by another player's points, and outnumbers the invaders such that the player keeps ownership of the spot, then the first points to be destroyed against the invaders are the newly moved in reinforcements, not the Stayers. Thus, the points remaining after battle will include Stayers, up the number the spot started with, that will be eligible for Multiplying.)


i am probably forgetting things, please ask questions

you must be signed in to play schlaunqerall six spots in the first playtest have been filled! more games will open up later